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Tune editor (part 2)

jason | 13 January, 2011 23:33

I actually managed to sort out the scrolling later that evening - it didn't take that long to realise what I'd done wrong. Yesterday I had a break - my new micro milling machine had arrived, and I wanted to have a play. This will be used to cut out the panels when I've got the hang of it.

So tonight I wanted to add in a zoom capability, so you could zoom in and out. With the current zoom, you couldn't see a 64-pattern section on the screen in one go.

This actually ended up being quite complicated getting the scrolling to work at all the zooms. For simplicity, I've got 3 zooms, and they're 1x (where 1 pattern line is 1 pixel wide), 2x (2 pixels wide), and 4x (yes, 4 pixels wide). The zoom last night was 4x.

This is at 4x (default), showing the start (line 17) and end (line 81):

Tune editor part 2Tune editor part 2

And at 2x and 1x respectively:

Tune editor part 2Tune editor part 2

I don't have a concept of "tune length" yet, so you can keep on scrolling right...

Tune editor part 2

...until you wrap around the integer value for the bar:

Tune editor part 2

The patterns will be displayed in their respective colours, but also will have the name of the pattern for ease of visibility. Here is the pattern name at the three zoom factors:

Tune editor part 2Tune editor part 2Tune editor part 2

A final effect I wanted to add was a different background indicator for each bar. Since bars can be an arbitrary length, the user will be able to select the different shades to be every n lines. This is at every 32 lines:

Tune editor part 2

It scrolls...

Tune editor part 2

...and zooms:

Tune editor part 2

The only problem is that it isn't very clear in these screenshots. The display has a different colour display range to my monitor (and probably your monitor), and it's actually quite clear. This is what it roughly looks like when I tweak the levels for the screenshot:

Tune editor part 2

I decided to lighten up the background anyway - and also give it a different colour. The same went for the grid lines and also the background to the line position.

Tune editor part 2

I removed some debugging code, and the new linker output is:

Program Memory  [Origin = 0x200, Length = 0x2aa00]

section                    address   length (PC units)   length (bytes) (dec)
-------                    -------   -----------------   --------------------
.text                        0x200              0x136e          0x1d25  (7461)
.const                      0x156e              0x26f6          0x3a71  (14961)
.text                       0x3c64              0xc450         0x12678  (75384)
.dinit                     0x100b4               0x24a           0x36f  (879)
.text                      0x102fe               0xdd8          0x14c4  (5316)
.isr                       0x110d6                 0x2             0x3  (3)

                     Total program memory used (bytes):        0x19644  (104004) 39%

Data Memory  [Origin = 0x800, Length = 0x7800]

section                    address      alignment gaps    total length  (dec)
-------                    -------      --------------    -------------------
.nbss                        0x800                   0           0x9ea  (2538)
.ndata                      0x11ea                   0             0x2  (2)
_03774ee04d2cd01c           0x11ec                   0           0x200  (512)
_037770704d2cd01c           0x13ec                   0           0x200  (512)
.nbss                       0x15ec                   0           0x314  (788)
.ndata                      0x1900                   0            0x86  (134)
.nbss                       0x1986                   0            0x9e  (158)
.ndata                      0x1a24                   0            0x1e  (30)
.nbss                       0x1a42                   0            0x18  (24)
.ndata                      0x1a5a                   0            0x22  (34)
.nbss                       0x1a7c                   0            0x1c  (28)
.ndata                      0x1a98                   0             0x8  (8)
.nbss                       0x1aa0                   0            0x1e  (30)
.ndata                      0x1abe                   0             0x2  (2)
.nbss                       0x1ac0                   0             0x4  (4)
.ndata                      0x1ac4                   0             0x4  (4)
.nbss                       0x1ac8                   0             0x2  (2)
.ndata                      0x1aca                   0             0x2  (2)
.data                       0x1acc                   0           0x106  (262)
.dconst                     0x1bd2                   0             0x8  (8)
.data                       0x1bda                   0             0xa  (10)
.bss                        0x1be4                   0             0x4  (4)
.data                       0x1be8                   0             0x2  (2)
.heap                       0x1bea                   0          0x2000  (8192)

                        Total data memory used (bytes):         0x33ea  (13290) 43%

Dynamic Memory Usage

region                     address                      maximum length  (dec)
------                     -------                      ---------------------
heap                        0x1bea                              0x2000  (8192)
stack                       0x3bea                              0x4416  (17430)

                        Maximum dynamic memory (bytes):         0x6416  (25622)

Tomorrow, I'll start using real patterns.

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