SYNTHINGS is a digital synthesizer development platform that I've been building.

Category: SYN1 - Assembly


I hadn't soldered the audio part yet (except for the connectors), so the first job was to solder on the WM8759 and the accompanying resistors, capacitors and inductor.   (More)


Everything else on the board I had already done before - in one form or another, which is why I'd concentrated on the display first of all. Getting the LCD to show something useful would be the next stage, since I wouldn't need to rely on the RS232 for debugging.   (More)

Revision B boards

In addition to moving the display connector to the underside of the board, I also took the opportunity to add 4 extra connections for FPGA inputs. While planning how the addressing scheme would work, I decided I didn't have enough address lines. Adding the 4 lines gave me 18 I/O lines...

Initial assembly of boards

The FPGA board had been built a few days ago, and all looked good - it was responding to JTAG requests, at least! I had a box from an earlier project that was about the right form factor what I wanted, so I designed two boards - an upper User Interface board that would hold the...
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