SYNTHINGS is a digital synthesizer development platform that I've been building.

Category: Syth Tracker

User interface, loading samples, MMU

Today, I wanted to get samples loading and playing, but first of all, I wanted to do a bit more work in the UI to make it more user-friendly.   (More)

File selection dialog

Yesterday I decided to have a fairly significant reorganisation of the computer area, to make it a bit more compact - but today I continued with the file selection dialog.   (More)

More fonts, file input

Christmas day won't stop me from doing a bit more work on SythTracker!   (More)

SD card and fonts

Now that the FPGA is pretty much programmed correctly for SythTracker, I can now just concentrate on doing things with the PIC.   (More)

Getting real audio out

After a few more simulations of the voice generator, and also checking that the reading of the voice generators successfully returned the current level for that voice, I programmed the FPGA.   (More)
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