SYNTHINGS is a digital synthesizer development platform that I've been building.

Category: Syth Tracker

UI, bug fixing, screen shots

In order to allow the user to select between various screen elements, I decided that I would do some OOP-like concepts in C.   (More)

Memory organisation

I did a quick bit of work into the code for the MIDI interface (so you can now press keys on the MIDI keyboard, and it'll play the right note), and then it was time to start looking at actually creating music.   (More)


I had an unusual problem - occasionally the rotary encoder would skip, or refuse to move. I decided that I needed to get this working under IRQ.   (More)

Getting the right notes to be played

The plan for today was to do the MIDI interface - however, I decided to fix the sample rate problem I'd been having. Only a handful of samples were vaguely close to the right sample rate.   (More)

Getting it working

After putting some debugging diagnostics into the PIC code, and also a method to display the waveform, I found out I had a number of problems:   (More)
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