SYNTHINGS is a digital synthesizer development platform that I've been building.

Getting the SDRAM to work

jason | 11 December, 2010 08:50

I had a thought about this while at work yesterday. Everything in the SDRAM code uses positive edge clocks - except for the data reading. With luck, that would be the only thing that needed changing... (More)


jason | 09 December, 2010 20:16

One of my earlier projects had an SPI slave, but this needed to be an SPI master - so I wrote one that had my requirements: (More)


jason | 08 December, 2010 23:06

I hadn't soldered the audio part yet (except for the connectors), so the first job was to solder on the WM8759 and the accompanying resistors, capacitors and inductor.  (More)


jason | 08 December, 2010 20:05

Like the SRAM controller and rotary encoder, I'd done another project with SDRAM, so I knew roughly what to do. The only changes I needed to make was in the address space. The earlier SDRAM chip was 64Mbit; this was 256Mbit, so I had to add A[12]. (More)

User input

jason | 06 December, 2010 19:57

The switches and rotary encoder are fairly simple pieces of work to do - however, I wanted to use them instead of the debugging port (in conjunction with the LCD).  (More)

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