SYNTHINGS is a digital synthesizer development platform that I've been building.

Pattern editor (part 2), and rotary encoder

jason | 06 January, 2011 23:20

I started to implement the pattern editor like the text input - you select which row you want to edit, and then select which field you want to edit from that. However, I had a bit of a brain-wave. I could reduce the number of editing levels by one if I reorganised how the keys worked.


Pattern editor (part 1)

jason | 05 January, 2011 23:35

I was pretty pleased with yesterday's video acceleration - but today was putting it under a bit of stress by scrolling a section of the screen up and down.


Video acceleration - update

jason | 05 January, 2011 00:09

I did a bit of checking into the code, and I found that the routine which displayed the 3D filled rectangles didn't use the acceleration. Adding the acceleration into that sped the interface even more - but at a price...


Video acceleration

jason | 04 January, 2011 23:42

While the next thing I wanted to do was display the pattern itself in the middle, I knew that I would have problems scrolling up and down. The best solution would be to have some form of graphics acceleration.


Text editor

jason | 03 January, 2011 20:27

Today was spent exclusively on the text editor. I've done simple text editors for games where you had a joystick (or buttons) to move up, down, left and right, and select letters - however, in this 2D system, I wanted something a bit easier to use.

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