SYNTHINGS is a digital synthesizer development platform that I've been building.

Tune editor (part 2)

jason | 13 January, 2011 23:33

I actually managed to sort out the scrolling later that evening - it didn't take that long to realise what I'd done wrong. Yesterday I had a break - my new micro milling machine had arrived, and I wanted to have a play. This will be used to cut out the panels when I've got the hang of it.


Tune editor (part 1)

jason | 11 January, 2011 23:40

Today was the start of the tune editor (aka pattern arranger). This will be unlike a Tracker, and more like a sequencer. Patterns will be placed on a grid, and can be moved around fairly arbitrarily.


Pattern editor (part 5)

jason | 10 January, 2011 22:32

Today was the final day of main work on the pattern editor - tidying up bits and pieces, starting with the updating of the pattern when you change the number of lines.


Pattern editor (part 4)

jason | 09 January, 2011 22:32

I've combined two days into one, since the first day there wasn't a lot to show for it - I spent most of it refactoring where playing of notes was to be performed in preparation for the tune playroutine.


Pattern editor (part 3)

jason | 07 January, 2011 23:40

Today was a bit more work on the pattern editor, but also on the rotary encoder (again!). I started by adding a pop-up menu if you had pressed the rotary encoder when you hadn't highlighted the line position, and I found that I needed to redraw the back of the lines, as I hadn't done that before.

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