SYNTHINGS is a digital synthesizer development platform that I've been building.


jason | 31 December, 2010 23:37

I had an unusual problem - occasionally the rotary encoder would skip, or refuse to move. I decided that I needed to get this working under IRQ.


Getting the right notes to be played

jason | 30 December, 2010 23:41

The plan for today was to do the MIDI interface - however, I decided to fix the sample rate problem I'd been having. Only a handful of samples were vaguely close to the right sample rate.


Getting it working

jason | 29 December, 2010 23:05

After putting some debugging diagnostics into the PIC code, and also a method to display the waveform, I found out I had a number of problems:


User interface, loading samples, MMU

jason | 28 December, 2010 23:40

Today, I wanted to get samples loading and playing, but first of all, I wanted to do a bit more work in the UI to make it more user-friendly.


File selection dialog

jason | 27 December, 2010 23:58

Yesterday I decided to have a fairly significant reorganisation of the computer area, to make it a bit more compact - but today I continued with the file selection dialog.

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